Saturday, February 9, 2008

Feb 9, 2008

Temp: 2 degrees C
Wind: 2 - 4 m/s
Sea Conditions: choppy but no real waves

There were some wind surfers about today but I appear to have been the only sailor mad enough to go out in the cold. Stayed in the bay as I was on my own but managed to get about at a fair clip, 7 - 9 mph according to the GPS unit.

The fishermens nets are a lot closer to shore this time of year - forcing me to leave the bay when there are a lot of windsurfers around, or to stay close to the shore where the wind is gusty.

Tacking and gibing definately became more difficult as I got colder - will probably leave the jib behind next time I go out in these condidtions and bring some heat packs. Filming was difficult in the gusty condidtions, so I took some photos of the club afterwards.