Tuesday, September 23, 2008

August 23, 2008

Temp: 24 - 26 degrees C
South at approx 6m/s with 8m/s gusts

Distance travelled:

Average speed:

Time on the water:
2 hours 39 minutes

Spent the day on the Tornado with John and Richard, in great weather conditions. The wind stayed constant until we got back to the beach. Sea conditions were a mix of light choppy water inshore and some more challenging waves outside the bay. Lots of hull flying excitement and crashing waves. Landed on a beach near Makuchi and climbed to the top of the hill in search of somewhere for lunch. Minchikus everywhere but no restaurants. Bought some light lunch bits at a local shop and went back to the beach to eat, before heading back out into the action. Returned to the beach and dragged the boat onto the rack - seemed a lot heavier after the sailing workout. Drank a well earned beer afterwards and ate some banana muffins that Richard baked before breakfast;-)

Camera work was a bit sloppy today in the rough seas

The Boat

The Route

The Action