Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1, 2008

Temp: 21 C

Wind: Northwest, moving to the south late in the afternoon (offshore) 5 – 7m/s, clear skies

Trip: 1h37m

Distance: 20.9km

Max speed: 27.9km/h

Average speed: 12.9km/h

Seaweed: none

Nets: some inshore but well marked

Today we had Simon along for his first ride in a Tornado. Most of the MMHC members were at the club today, the first day of summer. Hopefully this will be the case for the rest of the season ‘cause we need lots of hands to move the boat on and off the storage rack.

John had a number of options to solve a problem he’s been having getting the sail head to lock in place – after 4 attempts he came up with a solution using a steel bracket, the halyard and a piece of string.

By the time we hit the water the winds have died down but the Tornado doesn’t need a lot a winds to take off. We sailed out into the bay and back to the beach for lunch. After lunch the winds picked up and we had some wet sailing while flying a hull. We almost left Simon on behind – the winds had begun to change and the boat nearly leapt off the beach. Simon had great time watching his dad getting splashed while sitting on the windward hull.

When we got back we had plenty of help getting the boat back on the rack.