Monday, March 24, 2008

March 22, 2008

Temp: 15 deg C

Wind: 5 – 3m/s from the north

Sea Conditions: flat with lots of seaweed at low tide on the north end of the beach. Fishing nets made things difficult in about 30% of the bay.

Visibility: Clear to Enoshima with the white peak of Mt Fuji in the background

Thought it was wetsuit weather but temperatures topped out at 15 deg C by mid afternoon, ie. ‘sweat suit’ conditions.

Winds were forecasted to blow between 3 and 5m/s but there was a point where we were becalmed. Nice flat sea conditions with an offshore wind from the NE to begin with, swinging round to the SE later in the afternoon.

Lots of dinghies out and beginner level windsurfers



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